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Courses shall be held on the beautiful Gower Peninsula South Wales, with qualified tutors Robert Ripley and Bel Spencer.  If you want to ensure a place on the course of your choice, contact us to make your reservation as spaces are limited

Sat  21st January

2 – 5.15 pm
Tai chi / Qi Gong, with Meditation and Relaxation

Using movements that encourage freedom, loosen joints, improve balance and posture and promote fitness and wellbeing. With qualified Robert Ripley and Bel Spencer.  Beginners are welcome. 
Time: 2 – 5.15pm Cost: £10 

Sat 18  February:

 2 – 5.15pm
Tai chi / Qi Gong with Meditation and Relaxation

Using movements that encourage freedom, loosen joints, improve balance and posture and promote fitness and wellbeing. With qualified instructors, Bel Spencer and Robert Ripley. beginners welcome. For more information view:
Time: 2 – 5.15pm Cost: £10


NB The courses held will be in a small group setting where it is possible to focus on the individual needs and requirements of those present. Please contact us prior to the course to discuss any of these with us.

Booking are made on a first come first served basis


For more details call Bel on 07942 816 502

January: Alexander Technique for Health and Back Care

January: Alexander Technique for Health and Back Care


Alexander Technique for Health and Back Care


A practical introduction, focusing on how to care for your back in rest and movement, ease discomforts such as stiff neck/shoulders, with gentle movement to encourage mobility. With qualified Instructors, Bel Spencer and Robert Ripley.

If you’re interested in learning ways to look after your self effectively with tips for caring for your spine, relieving stress and preventing strain, misuse and excess tension this course is a good introduction 

The Technique can enable you to increase awareness in movement, and may help with the relief and prevention of excess tension and aches and pains. The benefits can be long lasting and have been tested via NHS studies to be effective for back pain sufferers. 

Time: For more details call Bel on 07942 816 502

Balanced resting position

Balanced resting position


Past Courses and Retreats:



April:  Your Intuitive Self

April: Your Intuitive Self

Your Intuitive Self  –

23 – 24 April 2016

imagesMany of us ‘switch off’ our inner intuition to allow the rational mind to dominate. This retreat is to help you regain balance and gain fresh perspective. Tap into the gifts that intuition can bring for positive change and inner growth. Working with tools such as card reading and artwork to stimulate your intuition.  

We can move forward from a space of deeper connection with our selves and perhaps evaluate things from a new perspective rather than allowing the rational mind to dominate. We will explore the way the sub-conscious and non-rational sides of our minds can ‘speak’ to us in less direct and more symbolic ways that transcend everyday communication and logical thinking. This is a ‘down to earth approach’, we will help you tap in to information that is often already there but is perhaps not normally noticed or trusted, by connecting with this and your personal guides you can tap in to a powerful source of information and source of direction. As tools to help you on this journey we will look at a number of processes – such as card reading, short guided meditations and simple art work.

You will give simple readings to one another -using visual tools such as cards which can act like a mirror to reflect aspects that are going on in our lives. You will also be encouraged to reflect on any information you are given to ‘be’ with it and whatever meanings or resonances it may have in your life right now. The result can be the benefits of a fresh perspective – helping us find balance and a new sense of fulfilment in our lives.



11.30 am – 4pm SAT,

11 am – 2.00 pm SUN

Feedback from a Course Participant: What I enjoyed most about the course was however the experiential aspects of it and learning as you go along with in the moment experience. This suited my learning style very well. Also your guidance was clear and straightforward and you were supportive throughout which helped me to expand my skills of giving card readings for myself and othersThe course helped me to develop my intuitive skills by allowing the space to sit, meditate and simply be. The environment in the therapy hut was very comforting and I found Llansteffan to be a spiritual and peaceful place, which also helped. I really liked the way that you explained about yourself and how you worked and your openness and authenticity gave me permission to be my true self throughout the course. Background information on intuition was provided and this was useful. I have been practicing this since the course and have had some really good feedback from family and friends and this has been therapeutic for them. Rachel from Staffordshire

June:  Exploring the Alexander Technique

June: Exploring the Alexander Technique

Sat 27 – Mon 29th June    ‘Mindful Movement, Conscious Choice, Posture Awareness’

With tutors Bel Spencer and Robert Ripley

Cost: £135

An exploration of the Alexander Technique in practical activity in a small group setting. Suitable for beginners and the more experienced.   The Alexander Technique is a tried and tested holistic method which can help bring about positive change, as well as well as help relieve pain and maintain good health in daily life.

To include:AT course crop

  • Key principles and how to apply them to work with posture, awareness, choices and more
  • Alexander Technique tips for activities – e.g. walking, driving, sitting at a computer, reading, sports, music playing.. – (requests welcomed)
  • Achieving quality rest for your back: Lying down procedures
  • Preventive procedures – principles to maintain longterm health and prevent falls, injuries and misuse  
  • Tai chi / Qi Gong exercises – gentle movement to encourage mobility

An opportunity to learn how you can apply Alexander Technique principles to different areas of your life. Learn ways to prevent the build up of tension or strain, increase your awareness and find out how you can use yourself in new ways, lengthen your spine, release tight muscles and develop a sense of ease in movement and activity. Once learned, the Alexander Technique can provide a structure allowing for improved well-being with lasting effects. This small group setting will allow for practice of the Alexander Method with some opportunity for individual requested activities and working ‘hands on’ one to one.

Booking/ Enquiries  NB  If you are interested in attending this course please contact us for further details. Booking is advised asap as spaces are limited to eight people

The cost is £135 or £115 concessions.  The price includes the course fee and lunch each day

Course times are as follows:  10am – 5pm Saturday,  10am – 4 pm Sunday and  10 – 2pm Monday


Exploring the Alexander Technique


alexander technique

alexander technique

July Aspects of Self and Relationship

Aspects of Self and Relationship  

Details to be confirmed

Learning how to tap into joy and understand and undo that which blocks us from experiencing more fulfilment in everyday life and our relationships. Working with a system for ‘self mastery’ as outlined in ‘A Course in Miracles’ which provides powerful tools for personal growth to facilitate change and inner peace on many levels. Also included will be NVC – or ‘Compassionate Communication’ – tools to help optimise our communication for greater clarity & harmony.’ £185 inc. accommodation and 2 meals/day


13659209_sFine-Tuning Fitness and Well-being   Offering a complete daily Well-being & Renew Program,  (to include Tai chi, Qi Gong and Meditation) delicious nutritious meals, walks, therapy and free time to relax. Helping you renew on all levels with a program to inspire and lift your vibration as you fine-tune your mind, body and spirit to let go of what no longer serves you and move forward with greater flow, joy and positivity.   read more


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