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Robert Charles 

Since his early twenties Robert has been on a journey to discover how we can achieve personal healing an fulfilment in a way that is most simple and profound.  He has thirty years of professional experience as a therapist and his ongoing aim is to lead people to free themselves of the various pitfalls that can block our progress and so have the tools to access true happiness and joy.

Roberts’ current work includes lecturing at the University of Wales, and running personal retreats and courses at Hill House Retreats.

Experience:  Roberts’ professional experience draws on a rich background – using his knowledge of fields such as Colour light therapy and, HypnotherapyShamanic Healing practices and Qi Gong energy work.


A Short Biography:  Following a motorbike accident, aged 21, Robert was lead to explore a personal healing journey that took him down many avenues.  He studied the Alexander Technique for many years before becoming interested in hypnotherapy.  Spontaneous healing experiences of those he was in worked on lead to deepening interest.   It became clear to him that our biggest blockages can be accessed via the mind, whether they be physical, emotional etc.    Robert’s studies drew him to authors such as Neil Donald Walsch, whom he later worked with on his retreats.   However it was the work of ‘A Course in Miracles’ by the psychologist Dr Helen Schucman that gave him a profound insight into how we can tap in to joy and undo the blockages that hold us back from freedom and fulfilment.



Robert studied the Alexander Technique at the Alexander School, Philadelphia before going on to train in hypnotherapy and NLP  at the NLP school, Philadelphia, USA.  He studied Colour Light therapy with the ‘School of Awakening’, UK.    He has also persued a keen interest in Tai chi and Qi Gong for many years, training in these practices with teachers such as Dr Shen Hongxun, Erle Montague, Tony Court.

Robert has always been keen to explore different perspectives and methods of personal growth, and his explorations lead him to study with various inspirational figures of the Shamanic tradition such as Agustin Chaman de Amanteras of Mexico and O’Sheena of USA.   Robert is registered with the HPAI as a spiritual healer and has completed a training in PTLLS (Teacher Training Qualification) in teaching adults in the field of further education, where he has taught for many years and still continues to teach.


“My session with Robert was extraordinary and I will work with the imagery and affirmations. I experienced a practice that will transform my life!    I feel that my week at Hill House was calling me just for this!            Martin from Essex

“My Shamanic Healing session was profoundly helpful to me and feel I am leaving with clear eyes and my feet on the right path”  Athena from Abingdon


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