Bel Spencer

Bel Spencer

Bel Spencer B.A.  M.S.T.A.T.  CERT SPI , TFT.

Bel Spencer B.A.  M.S.T.A.T.  CERT SPI , TFT.

Bel Spencer is a teacher and therapist  drawing on over ten years of experience as a holistic practitioner.  She has a passion for helping people find relief and inspiration from holistic systems that can benefit us in all aspects of our lives – in  particular she believes in tapping in to inspiration from within that is much needed for us to follow our true pathway in life.  Her teaching and therapy sessions include: the Alexander Technique, Chi Touch, Intuitive Readings and Spinal Touch.

Bel’s current professional work was initiated in 2002 with a three year teacher training in the Alexander Technique in Bristol.  This has formed a great foundation to her work and the Technique continues to be a great source of inspiration both personally and professionally. On completing her training, Bel has since taught to groups and individuals in Bristol, Gloucestershire and Wales.   She now runs retreat programs in South Wales and lectures at the University of Wales, her subjects include: Breath work, Intuitive Readings, Voice Speech and Presentation skills and Stress Management.

Bel’s keen interest in the mind-body relationship and the healing arts lead her to study the disciplines of Qi gong, with Dr Shen Hongxun, completing a two your teacher training in Taijiwuxigong in 2011   – a system which she sees as a great and fun way that we can  re-discover the dynamic use of our bodies as well as mental and emotional freedom. She is also a qualified Spiritual Healer and Thought Field Therapy practitioner.


  •  Degree in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Warwick, Coventry
  • Bel trained for three years at the Bristol Alexander Technique teacher training school and has since gone on to do postgraduate  courses in Fellside school in  Kendal. Other teachers include  Rosa Louisa Rosi from Switzerland, Lucia and Elizabeth Walker -from Oxford and Kathy Madden from the US.
  • Spiritual Healing Qualification  (HPAI) with the Monmouth Healers
  • Taijiwujigong two year training with Dr Shen Hongxun
  • Spinal Touch Practitioner Training  – Light Touch Training, Devon


Offering Sessions in:

  • Alexander Technique
  • Chi touch
  • Intuitive Coaching and Readings
  • Qi Gong
  • Spinal Touch

Bel also offers group sessions in the following:  The Alexander Technique * Intuitive Coaching and Readings* Well-Being & Stress Management  * Voice, Speech & Presentation Skills   * Breath-work

Bel teaches on undergraduate courses at the University of Wales, and runs courses and individual sessions and group courses in South Wales and the UK



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