writingGlad Tidings – to Start the New Year

You may already have some thoughts of what you want for the year again …. here are some additional pointers to give you a head start.
What would you like your 2016 to be like? What do you enjoy that you would like more of in your life? Is there something not present that you’d like to include in your life next year?
It might help to write down any goals that you may have, even if they are not yet clearly defined. Once you’ve got a few things down – take a look at the list you’ve made.
Ask yourself which of these things feel like priorities. Which aspects could you be letting go of – such as activities that drain you, unwanted / unhealthy habits… – you know the ones I mean!
Check your list and see what is included / missing that could help your well-being further. In a survey for The Times we can see the most popular new year resolutions for 2014 – although it seems that those intending on new year resolutions were in the minority – 30% and the rest did not intend to set any personal rules for the New Year. So of these,
51% Said they wanted to do more exercise/ improve fitness 47% Wanted to loose weight, while 41% wished to improve their diet. Other popular personal ambitions included: Saving more money, Pursuing a career ambition, Giving up Smoking and Decorating/renovating at home Cutting down on drinking plus Volunteering and doing charity work

What would you like to let go of before midnight on the last day of 2015?

Think about it. So while we can work on aspects such as being healthier exercising more and consuming less junk food / alcohol What about making a resolution to have healthier thoughts and identify ways in which we can feel happier, lighter and more peaceful in ourselves. See if you can identify something you’d like to resolve or heal, and not carry forward into the new year.
Here’s a starting point: Make two lists The first is of ‘appropriate concerns’ – issues that can be dealt with and can be dealt with in a step by step manner The second is a list of all the unfounded worry and ‘what ifs’ that you may be carrying round and are often things that you can’t do anything about and are taking up valuable time and energy.
Now, one suggestion is to burn the second list – but before you do lets look at it more closely so that you can really let go of it. When we really look at some of these feelings it can be surprising how tricky it can be to release them – yes, they’re the ones which go round and round in your head/ you wake up thinking about – or however they manifest to you. Often there will be physical sensations accompanying – like feeling uncomfortable all over. If you recognise this somewhere in yourself, just take a moment to ask what you could personally let go of – we’ll all have something!
Sit down somewhere where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes think of the situations or person and be willing to feel get in touch with your breathing staying in the moment and repeat to yourself: “I choose peace I am willing to let go of anything that comes between me and peace.”
Focus more fully on a specific situation you would like to work with. Sit quietly and let the thoughts feelings or images come up within you then say to yourself again: “I choose peace. I’m willing to let go of these feelings thoughts and I’m ready to forgive this person /experience/ situation.”
This will help not only you, but all the people involved. Just experiment – you may notice a difference in your experience. If you do not, you may simply need to look at it again and if there is anything else that needs to be released and forgiven that you really don’t want to be carrying round with you any more. Perhaps recognise where there have been mistakes and misunderstandings, or even go beyond needing to understand the thoughts and feelings and simply release them anyway. You may be surprised at how much better you feel as you let all those feelings just melt away in whatever way feels easiest for you. Then notice any changes in your feelings and thoughts. Even if you’re left feeling a little calmer and more peaceful than when you begun, you’ve made some progress! You’ve already begun the process. Now you can burn the second list, but use this approach whenever you feel the need – and perhaps clear some space to make room for a whole load of new positive experiences – and a truly Happy New Year!

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