Gower’s AONB title

There was recent plans in 2015 to review looked at whether Wales’ three National Parks and five AONB should come under a single designation, and that the name Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty is changed to ‘National Landscapes of Wales’.
The proposal to remove AONB status from Gower and the other such areas across the country was made by an independent panel which had been commissioned by the government.  The suggestion came as somewhat of a surprise to many and was not popular given the existing fondness for the title of ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ which has been developed over 50 years. Many feel it is a suitably an accurate description for these landscapes, whilst also offering them much needed protection.

Gower to keep title of AONB

Gower to keep title of AONB

Feelings are re-enforced on this subjec, given that the Gower peninsula was the very first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to be designated in the uk in 1956. This is really something to be proud of and which makes it unique, and it just wouldn’t be the same, many feel if it were to be designated another title.
Gower was spotted for its stunning scenery, its geology and outstanding coastal habitats as well as historic sites.

Ancient sites in Gower

The area has eighty ancient monuments and sites which include Palaeolithic caves, Iron Age hill forts, Bronze Age Burial Sites and castles. Paviland Cave, was the site of the earliest known human burial site, discovered in 1823, archaeologists found bones, and beautiful ivory objects. These findings date back around 33,000 years.


The area is extremely rich in wildlife, with its unspoilt countryside and nature reserves making it an excellent destination for bird lovers and bird watchers, It is not unusual to see cormorants, birds of prey, herons and many other birds when out walking.  There is also a bird hospital, helping to care for sick birds.  In addition to this it also has the delightful feature of wild horses which range freely on common land, which is a unique and favourite feature to many.

You can read more about how we can protect the Gower AONB on the following website: www.savegower.com


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