Retreat Programs Explained

Girl on retreat_s Retreat Programs Explained

 These retreat programs are a great way to de-stress and unwind in a peaceful environment, where you can choose from a range of therapeutic sessions and a free consultation, helping you to get the most out of your retreat.  Enjoy having your own space and yet have support nearby. Enjoy an individually tailored program with therapeutic and teaching sessions of your choice.  Personal Retreats can take place starting from any day (mid week or weekend)

Basic Packages Include:
  • Accommodation Enjoy a comfortable stay in our en-suite annex with lounge/kitchenette.
  • Free consultation (45 minutes) – chat through what you’d like from your stay and discuss how we can best help. 
  • Therapy / Teaching Sessions of your choice – One hour in length see below for suggested programs or for individual sessions read more
  • Lifestyle tips – we provide carefully selected tips and resources to help you with your continued well-being

Therapy Sessions

Any additional therapy sessions not included in your basic package will be an additional £25 each


Basic Programs

3 Day Program (2 nights) : includes two therapeutic sessions  £180

4 Day Program  (three nights): includes three therapeutic sessions £250

Extra night cost: £35    Extra session cost:  £35

7 Day Program ( six nights) 1 person – basic package (4 sessions) £500

*(Price Includes: Free consultation, Lifestyle tips and resources, Accommodation) 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all – Call Bel and Robert on : 01792 931 525/ 07940 860 204

More About Personal Retreat Programs:

These inclusive packages are a great way to de-stress and unwind, where you will have your own space and yet have support nearby. Plus of course on-site sessions with Robert Ripley and Bel Spencer, as well as local therapists.

Sessions are normally one hour in length, a few, such as hypnotherapy and coaching, may need to be longer and will be scheduled by prior arrangement with you into your program where appropriate.

Programs are as follows:


(A) Relax and Revive – Undo Stresses, Find Ease and Balance


Retreat Programs Explained

Retreat Programs Explained

Throw off stresses that are blocking your flow and move into a space of greater harmony and empowerment. Choose your therapeutic sessions which can be a mixture of: Chi Touch, Spinal Touch, Alexander Technique, Deep relaxation Hypnotherapy, Tai chi and Chi Gong.

To include a bonus free half hour consultation of what you’d like out of your retreat, clarify your goals; with lifestyle tips, helping you make choices for creating a more healthy and joyful everyday life experience

NB. Tai chi and Chi Gong are available as half hour morning sessions as well as hour long sessions.



(B) Coaching Companion – Your Path, Goals & Finding Peace


Coaching Companion

Helping you to align with the peaceful place inside yourself so that your way forward can be revealed more clearly and you can develop your goals with greater strength and confidence. Choose your therapeutic sessions which can be a mixture of: Coaching, Chi Touch Deep relaxation Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Readings, Shamanic Visioning.

To include a bonus free half hour consultation of what you’d like out of your retreat, clarify your goals; with lifestyle tips, helping you make choices for creating a more healthy and joyful everyday life experience.


(C) Special Program

Either as a 3 or 5 day option.
Designed around your particular needs. A phone consultation can be arranged before you arrive to help clarify your needs and decide which sessions would benefit you – a bonus free half hour consultation of what you’d like out of your retreat, clarify your goals; with lifestyle tips, helping you make choices for creating a more healthy and joyful everyday life experience.


Talk through with us what you’d like and what we might help either before your stay or during your free consultation with us. 


*  Choose how long you wish to stay, and which program you would prefer.

For information on any of the therapeutic packages above please contact Bel or Robert on 01792 931 525   /  07940 860 204


You can either make use of our friendly local cafes, pubs and restaurants (within easy walking distance) or prepare something for yourself using our kitchen facilities.



Pricing Plans – Retreats

Pricing Plans

If you read through our pricing plans which are designed to offer you a tailor made program then get in touch if you require further information and we can talk through the details with you

Basic Retreat Packages Include:

  • Accommodation  (comfortable self catering apartment)
  • Free consultation (with therapists Bel and Robert)
  • Therapy or teaching sessions of your choice
  • Lifestyle tips, resources to take home


3 Day Retreat Program (2 nights)

1 person basic package: 3 therapy sessions,
(plus: Free consultation, Lifestyle tips and resources, Accommodation:) £245
For two people sharing an apartment with basic package- cost per person: £195


5 Day Retreat Program (4 nights)
1 person -basic package (4 sessions): £400
Two people sharing an apartment with basic package- cost per person: £285



7 Day Retreat Program (6 nights)
1 person – basic package (4 sessions) £585
Two people sharing an apartment with basic package- £395


Optional Retreat Extras:


breakfast and an evening meal each day.  £15/day

Offering continental breakfast, and freshly cooked delicious two course evening meals such as lasagne and pasta dishes, soups and casseroles, vegetarian bakes, salmon and vegetables, risotto, and more..

Read more about our Therapy Sessions

We aim to offer a supportive, therapeutic environment, providing a comprehensive range of treatments for your retreat. With several years experience and many happy customers, our expectation is to more than meet your needs and help you to leave the space revived and in a great space. If you have any questions about any of our retreat packages or our therapists, please do contact us.


*Any additional therapy sessions not included in your basic package will be an additional £25 each

Retreats Booking

Retreats Booking

Retreat BookingsRetreat Bookings: choose a Personal Retreat Program to suite you.  All prices are inclusive of accommodation.

Your Retreat will begin with a consultation, helping you to get the most out of your retreat and to choose the sessions that best suite your needs. 

*  Relaxing space to unwind -come by yourself or with a friend or partner.

*  a great location on the beautiful Gower Peninsula, South Wales

*  Integrated programs tailored to your needs with on- site therapies and teaching sessions – read more

When to come: 

You can book your retreat to start any day of the week. Please contact us with any dates you have in mind.

Call Bel and Robert on:  07940 860 204     or contact us by email


Inclusive Packages are as follows:

(Price Inclusive of Accommodation)

3 Day Program (two nights basic package with accommodation): from  £260     read more

5 Day Program (four nights basic package with accommodation): from £440  read more

The aim is to assist you in restoring the innate health of mind body and  spirit, helping you to align with a peaceful place inside.  You can choose from  a range of therapeutic and teaching sessions   Offering Deep relaxation HypnotherapyCoaching,   Intuitive Reading, Colour Light Therapy,as well as a range of bodywork such as Spinal Touch, the Alexander Technique and massage. Teaching sessions are also available such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong Meditation  – read more

Choose from well-being/ detoxing with fresh vegetable juicing, combined with exercise programs to bring about deep cleansing and take your health to a new level.

For integrated personal retreat programs read more

Our Location

Located just ten minutes walk of the famous Three Cliffs Bay, on the beautiful Gower Peninsula in South Wales.    Rejuvenate in a peaceful natural environment and enjoy a stunning natural environment of beaches, coastal walks, castle and more – all on your doorstep.   Three Cliffs Bay, the nearest beach, has been described as the best and most eye-catching beach on the gower – it can be viewed within a five minute walk and accessed via the pleasant coastal path via Pennard Castle.   The rest of the Gower, Oxwich bay, Rhosili are within easy reach, as is the town of Mumbles with its cafes shops and restaurants. Read More


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Booking Your Retreat Program


Finding Peace on your Retreat

To create the conditions for a peaceful retreat we need ensure that the conditions are right externally as well as internally. It actually requires a change of pace. Going to a calm quiet location is great, however we need to really allow ourselves to adapt our pace to suit the environment. This could involve something a simple as slowing down the pace of our walk, say on a beautiful beach. Perhaps walking barefoot in the sand or water – salt water will in itself have therapeutic properties, as well as giving our body the message that we are in a different environment – encourage relaxation and perhaps even conjure childhood memories.

In addition to this, we can also encourage deeper stillness – when was the last time you let yourself just sit and watch the sea? Or the passing seagulls? Being in nature is the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern living, so make the most of it. Its surprising how many people go out for a lovely walk and take their phones with them, spending large portions of time in conversation rather than taking in the surroundings around them. There are many triggers to keep our minds busy – and mobile phones are definitely one of them…

peaceful retreat



If its your intention to de-stress, and find more inner calm, try to stick to this goal, by setting up your day accordingly. Its so easy to re-create a busy schedule for ourselves when on holiday just like our busy home life. To set up a retreat you need a different intention. The word ‘retreat’ can mean to ‘withdraw’ – in other words to step back from business and familiar routine. It is about finding stillness – and experiences that are less to do with what we are doing and more to do with what we are not doing. This is so deeply needed, and yet to those who need it the most, who are accustomed to being entrenched in a busy workload it can be a surprisingly difficult feat to achieve. Mental chatter, habits of being always busy, addictions, poor diet, difficulty sleeping and other obstacles can get in the way of our genuine desire to give ourselves a break.

This is where practices such as mindfulness, yoga, tai chi and meditation come in as even more essential in showing us the way to find restore calm and balance amidst what is often an unsustainable and unhealthy routine of fast lane living, with increasing pressures and stress levels.

What is a retreat?

A retreat can be something quite personal to you, it can be a way to reconnect with yourself and the things that matter to you.  Generally a retreat is thought of as a quiet, contemplative experience, enabling a sense of peaceful connection.  It might involve spending time in nature, possibly in meditation or quiet contemplation and this could be done either alone or in a group.  In literal terms, the word ‘retreat’ can mean  ‘To move backward or away; withdraw or retire’.  The opportunity to get perspective on things can really involve just this: stepping away or going on a journey that takes you out of your everyday environment and routine.  This way, there are none of the usual stimuli that we might be habitually familiar with.  You could say, then, that it is a break from habit and routine.  It could possibly involve the forming of a new routine, or the breaking of an old pattern.

Woman on Retreat on the Gower Peninsula

Relaxing Retreat on the Gower Peninsula


Many people when they go on retreat like to limit the use of their mobile phones.  Our link to our everyday world can be very much perpetuated by a phone, and many people feel that they cannot truly experience the full benefits of a retreat if they cannot disconnect or at least limit their use of such technology, at least for a significant portion of this retreat.   This is sometimes easier said than done, however, with appropriate planning and communication to others that we are unavailable, this can be possible and provide the necessary breathing space to accomplish the true aims of our retreat.

So what are the benefits?   How soon can we expect changes?   Can the benefits be lasting?   Well, this will depend on the individual and their individual aims, what help they receive, and so on.   Many people find that it takes several days at least to really ‘switch off’ and get into a different ‘zone’.  The noticeable results of this could include feeling visibly more relaxed, more ‘in the moment’ and, ultimately, more peaceful.   Some will feel the need for some spiritual enquiry, while for others it may be more simple – getting plenty of fresh air, relaxation and or exercise to help bring a general sense of well-being.

These results are not necessarily achieved straight away. Sometimes it takes some work, we will need to alter aspects of our habitual routine – such as going to bed a little earlier and changing some of our dietary habits – even if only temporarily – so that we give our bodies a break from caffeine and other stimulants and enable some internal cleansing from toxins.


Juicing Detoxes & Well-being Programs

Juicing Detoxes & Well-being Programs

 Our program can help on a number of levels:  both through nutrition, exercise, and mental/ emotional transformation.

The first step always involves a realisation that there is a need to detoxify – so if you feel you have reached this point, either scroll down and read further or feel free to give us a call and discuss your individual needs.

We offer smoothies, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices as well as a variety of superfoods which can all be incorporated into a daily program for detoxifying program.

Juicing Detoxes:

fresh juices

fresh juices

Juices Include: Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables we put together a mix that is both highly nutritious and tasty, blending a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Try a blend of juiced apple, carrot celery and ginger – to set your taste-buds aglow!  Or refreshing cucumber, apple, celery and carrot juice.

Fruit and superfood smoothies: A standard fruit smoothly would contain a selection of the following, . Organic banana, pineapple, apple, kiwi, blackcurrants, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, etc
Other ingredients can include: coconut milk,nuts, seeds, dried fruit, organic superfood greens – (containing: raw chiorella ,spirulina, barley-grass, wheat-grass, kelp,hemp Protein, beet root.)

The Benefits

The benefits of Fresh juices include:

  • Nutritional Absorbtion – increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals in an easily absorbable form
  • Detoxing:  – the juices, along with plenty of fresh water, will help to flush out any toxins or debris in your system – leaving your body rejuvenated and energised.
  • Alkalising:  juices and smoothies will alkalise your cells helping your body to renew and de-stress – freeing it from the acidifying foods and drinks that it might normally have to deal with.

Detoxing Foot Soak We also have a detox foot soak.which entails sitting with your feet in a bowl of Jurassic mud for around half an hour. The mud has a high content of minerals and also helps draw toxins out of your system (see leaflet on Jurassic Mud). It is advised that this is followed by at least twenty minutes of exercise helping the circulation.  The overall benefits can include: increased relaxation, ease of aches and pains, better sleep and improved skin condition.


Well-Being and Fitness Programs: 

Tai Chi and Qi Gong
Qi Gong exercises are an excellent way to help clean your system, helping blood circulation and lymph flow as well as keeping joints healthy and boosting your immune system. It is a non-strenuous form of exercise, helping to improve overall fitness  and no previous experience is required. Qi Gong moves come from similar origins to Tai chi and work to balance mind, body and spirit to bring about self-healing.  The Benefits can include: Improved circulation, better energy levels, increased mobility and relief of stress.   read more

Meditation and Relax Sessions
While your body is detoxifying, it is important to spend some time relaxing!
This allows your system to work efficiently to clean itself and renew. Beginning with a few simple exercise to help free things up and de-stress. Here is an opportunity to detox your mental and emotional self. You can follow a simple guided process to identify anything that you can let go of that is no longer needed, any stresses that
you are accidentally holding on to. This will lead to freedom and lightness as you create more space inside for new, positive experiences.


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