Christmas breaks

Christmas Day Yoga

Christmas Day Yoga

We offer Christmas breaks, for those who wish to get away this Christmas an celebrate in style in a beautiful area of the uk.  Choose from our comfortable self catering apartments, close to Three Cliffs bay in the heart of the Gower Peninsula.

Planning your Christmas Break

Planning a Christmas Break is reasonably easy especially when there is easy access by road and no flights to catch!  Take a look at what’s on over Christmas and new year in Swansea and the Gower.

How about planning a Christmas day excursion – it can be a beautiful time of year to go walking on the beach or visit Cefn Bryn and King Arthurs’ stones!

Christmas Day – Places to eat:

Mamma Mia is an Italian restaurant in Swansea that uses only the freshest ingredients to create their delicious dishes. With a Christmas lunch and dinner menu available offering both traditional Christmas meals as well as delicious pizzas


Cosy Christmas festivities

Cosy Christmas festivities

Pre – Christmas events:

Winter Wonderland on the waterfront:

This ice rink is an award winning attraction offered in the run-up to Christmas, offered both children and adults in Swansea, close to the marina..

Christmas Parade 2015
Santa will visit on Sunday 15 November from 5.00pm to switch on the Christmas Lights.It starts near the Dylan Thomas Centre, before continuing through the town and ending at the Guildhall.

Gower Heritage Centre Christmas Craft Fayre  with Artisans selling their waits in a festive atmosphere. Enjoy freshly baked cakes and hot mulled wine and cider.  The perfect place to buy handmade gifts for Christmas!    Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th November     10.00am – 5.00pm

Christmas Concert 

19:30 Friday 18 Dec 2015    Brangwyn Hall, Swansea

A concert to get you in the Christmas spirit. Taking you on a journey through winter wonderland you are sure to recognize some of your favourite Christmas pieces. Packed full of festive treats, enjoy highlights including Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh Ride, music from the frost tale of Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Snow Maiden 
BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Tickets: £10-16      Grand Theatre Box Office: 01792 475715






Courses 2017

Courses shall be held on the beautiful Gower Peninsula South Wales, with qualified tutors Robert Ripley and Bel Spencer.  If you want to ensure a place on the course of your choice, contact us to make your reservation as spaces are limited

Sat  21st January

2 – 5.15 pm
Tai chi / Qi Gong, with Meditation and Relaxation

Using movements that encourage freedom, loosen joints, improve balance and posture and promote fitness and wellbeing. With qualified Robert Ripley and Bel Spencer.  Beginners are welcome. 
Time: 2 – 5.15pm Cost: £10 

Sat 18  February:

 2 – 5.15pm
Tai chi / Qi Gong with Meditation and Relaxation

Using movements that encourage freedom, loosen joints, improve balance and posture and promote fitness and wellbeing. With qualified instructors, Bel Spencer and Robert Ripley. beginners welcome. For more information view:
Time: 2 – 5.15pm Cost: £10


NB The courses held will be in a small group setting where it is possible to focus on the individual needs and requirements of those present. Please contact us prior to the course to discuss any of these with us.

Booking are made on a first come first served basis


For more details call Bel on 07942 816 502

Glad Tidings to start the New Year

 writingGlad Tidings – to Start the New Year

You may already have some thoughts of what you want for the year again …. here are some additional pointers to give you a head start.
What would you like your 2016 to be like? What do you enjoy that you would like more of in your life? Is there something not present that you’d like to include in your life next year?
It might help to write down any goals that you may have, even if they are not yet clearly defined. Once you’ve got a few things down – take a look at the list you’ve made.
Ask yourself which of these things feel like priorities. Which aspects could you be letting go of – such as activities that drain you, unwanted / unhealthy habits… – you know the ones I mean!
Check your list and see what is included / missing that could help your well-being further. In a survey for The Times we can see the most popular new year resolutions for 2014 – although it seems that those intending on new year resolutions were in the minority – 30% and the rest did not intend to set any personal rules for the New Year. So of these,
51% Said they wanted to do more exercise/ improve fitness 47% Wanted to loose weight, while 41% wished to improve their diet. Other popular personal ambitions included: Saving more money, Pursuing a career ambition, Giving up Smoking and Decorating/renovating at home Cutting down on drinking plus Volunteering and doing charity work

What would you like to let go of before midnight on the last day of 2015?

Think about it. So while we can work on aspects such as being healthier exercising more and consuming less junk food / alcohol What about making a resolution to have healthier thoughts and identify ways in which we can feel happier, lighter and more peaceful in ourselves. See if you can identify something you’d like to resolve or heal, and not carry forward into the new year.
Here’s a starting point: Make two lists The first is of ‘appropriate concerns’ – issues that can be dealt with and can be dealt with in a step by step manner The second is a list of all the unfounded worry and ‘what ifs’ that you may be carrying round and are often things that you can’t do anything about and are taking up valuable time and energy.
Now, one suggestion is to burn the second list – but before you do lets look at it more closely so that you can really let go of it. When we really look at some of these feelings it can be surprising how tricky it can be to release them – yes, they’re the ones which go round and round in your head/ you wake up thinking about – or however they manifest to you. Often there will be physical sensations accompanying – like feeling uncomfortable all over. If you recognise this somewhere in yourself, just take a moment to ask what you could personally let go of – we’ll all have something!
Sit down somewhere where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes think of the situations or person and be willing to feel get in touch with your breathing staying in the moment and repeat to yourself: “I choose peace I am willing to let go of anything that comes between me and peace.”
Focus more fully on a specific situation you would like to work with. Sit quietly and let the thoughts feelings or images come up within you then say to yourself again: “I choose peace. I’m willing to let go of these feelings thoughts and I’m ready to forgive this person /experience/ situation.”
This will help not only you, but all the people involved. Just experiment – you may notice a difference in your experience. If you do not, you may simply need to look at it again and if there is anything else that needs to be released and forgiven that you really don’t want to be carrying round with you any more. Perhaps recognise where there have been mistakes and misunderstandings, or even go beyond needing to understand the thoughts and feelings and simply release them anyway. You may be surprised at how much better you feel as you let all those feelings just melt away in whatever way feels easiest for you. Then notice any changes in your feelings and thoughts. Even if you’re left feeling a little calmer and more peaceful than when you begun, you’ve made some progress! You’ve already begun the process. Now you can burn the second list, but use this approach whenever you feel the need – and perhaps clear some space to make room for a whole load of new positive experiences – and a truly Happy New Year!

Finding Peace on your Retreat

To create the conditions for a peaceful retreat we need ensure that the conditions are right externally as well as internally. It actually requires a change of pace. Going to a calm quiet location is great, however we need to really allow ourselves to adapt our pace to suit the environment. This could involve something a simple as slowing down the pace of our walk, say on a beautiful beach. Perhaps walking barefoot in the sand or water – salt water will in itself have therapeutic properties, as well as giving our body the message that we are in a different environment – encourage relaxation and perhaps even conjure childhood memories.

In addition to this, we can also encourage deeper stillness – when was the last time you let yourself just sit and watch the sea? Or the passing seagulls? Being in nature is the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern living, so make the most of it. Its surprising how many people go out for a lovely walk and take their phones with them, spending large portions of time in conversation rather than taking in the surroundings around them. There are many triggers to keep our minds busy – and mobile phones are definitely one of them…

peaceful retreat



If its your intention to de-stress, and find more inner calm, try to stick to this goal, by setting up your day accordingly. Its so easy to re-create a busy schedule for ourselves when on holiday just like our busy home life. To set up a retreat you need a different intention. The word ‘retreat’ can mean to ‘withdraw’ – in other words to step back from business and familiar routine. It is about finding stillness – and experiences that are less to do with what we are doing and more to do with what we are not doing. This is so deeply needed, and yet to those who need it the most, who are accustomed to being entrenched in a busy workload it can be a surprisingly difficult feat to achieve. Mental chatter, habits of being always busy, addictions, poor diet, difficulty sleeping and other obstacles can get in the way of our genuine desire to give ourselves a break.

This is where practices such as mindfulness, yoga, tai chi and meditation come in as even more essential in showing us the way to find restore calm and balance amidst what is often an unsustainable and unhealthy routine of fast lane living, with increasing pressures and stress levels.

What is a retreat?

A retreat can be something quite personal to you, it can be a way to reconnect with yourself and the things that matter to you.  Generally a retreat is thought of as a quiet, contemplative experience, enabling a sense of peaceful connection.  It might involve spending time in nature, possibly in meditation or quiet contemplation and this could be done either alone or in a group.  In literal terms, the word ‘retreat’ can mean  ‘To move backward or away; withdraw or retire’.  The opportunity to get perspective on things can really involve just this: stepping away or going on a journey that takes you out of your everyday environment and routine.  This way, there are none of the usual stimuli that we might be habitually familiar with.  You could say, then, that it is a break from habit and routine.  It could possibly involve the forming of a new routine, or the breaking of an old pattern.

Woman on Retreat on the Gower Peninsula

Relaxing Retreat on the Gower Peninsula


Many people when they go on retreat like to limit the use of their mobile phones.  Our link to our everyday world can be very much perpetuated by a phone, and many people feel that they cannot truly experience the full benefits of a retreat if they cannot disconnect or at least limit their use of such technology, at least for a significant portion of this retreat.   This is sometimes easier said than done, however, with appropriate planning and communication to others that we are unavailable, this can be possible and provide the necessary breathing space to accomplish the true aims of our retreat.

So what are the benefits?   How soon can we expect changes?   Can the benefits be lasting?   Well, this will depend on the individual and their individual aims, what help they receive, and so on.   Many people find that it takes several days at least to really ‘switch off’ and get into a different ‘zone’.  The noticeable results of this could include feeling visibly more relaxed, more ‘in the moment’ and, ultimately, more peaceful.   Some will feel the need for some spiritual enquiry, while for others it may be more simple – getting plenty of fresh air, relaxation and or exercise to help bring a general sense of well-being.

These results are not necessarily achieved straight away. Sometimes it takes some work, we will need to alter aspects of our habitual routine – such as going to bed a little earlier and changing some of our dietary habits – even if only temporarily – so that we give our bodies a break from caffeine and other stimulants and enable some internal cleansing from toxins.


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