January: Alexander Technique for Health and Back Care

January: Alexander Technique for Health and Back Care


Alexander Technique for Health and Back Care


A practical introduction, focusing on how to care for your back in rest and movement, ease discomforts such as stiff neck/shoulders, with gentle movement to encourage mobility. With qualified Instructors, Bel Spencer and Robert Ripley.

If you’re interested in learning ways to look after your self effectively with tips for caring for your spine, relieving stress and preventing strain, misuse and excess tension this course is a good introduction 

The Technique can enable you to increase awareness in movement, and may help with the relief and prevention of excess tension and aches and pains. The benefits can be long lasting and have been tested via NHS studies to be effective for back pain sufferers. 

Time: For more details call Bel on 07942 816 502

Balanced resting position

Balanced resting position


Past Courses and Retreats:




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Activities on the Gower Peninsula are rich and varied and include surfing on some of the Country’s top beaches, walking the coastal path, orienteering, rock climbing, coasteering, golf, horse riding and more…



golf on the Gower

Pennard Golf Course is known as much for its great facilities as it is for its amazing views of Three Cliffs Bay. The course ranked #17 of 52 Activities in Swansea.


Gower Golf Club, set in a beautiful location offers a host of attractions, visit: www.gowergolf.co.uk

Golf break packages on the Gower Peninsula – offered in a number of locations on the Gower and Mumbles: www.golfongower.co.uk


rock climbing, Three Cliffs Bay

Rock climbing

Swansea and the Gower are great locations to practice orienteering. Offering plenty of varied terrain such as coastal and rocky areas, woodland, parks and more. Its a great way of seeing unvisited parts of the countryside, as well as encouraging fitness, and skills in navigation

Swansea Bay Orienteering Club holds introductory evenings as well as competition opportunities



horse riding gower


Parc-Le-Breos Guest House and riding centre, set in beautiful grounds www.parc-le-breos.co.uk

A wonderful way to explore the scenery of the Gower is on horseback.





surfing on the gower peninsula

Surfing -Gower


There are numerous beaches famous for their surf on the Gower, including famous Rhossili beach, Langland, Caswell, and many more.  There area a host of surf schools offering tuition as well as surf shops and surfing equipment for hire.

‘Gower Surfing’ is a Surf school on the Gower offering surfing lessons (open all year round)



walking on the Gower

walking on the Gower

With so much choice and extensive public rights of way (268 miles on the Gower alone), you are in a walkers’ paradise. You can choose from easy strolls through parks and more strenuous hikes over rocky headlands, beaches and moorland. The Gower Way is 35 miles and offers a challenge to the most dedicated walkers and those wishing to improve their fitness. There are a number of dedicated walking groups in the Swansea area and the Gower also has its own walking festival: www.gowerwalkingfestival.org on the 6th to the 21st of June ’15

Organised walks include : www.thegowersociety.org.uk/programme/walks/ Mawr walking club: www.mawrwalkingclub.co.uk

Day Trips and Places to Visit

Botanical gardens Spring flowers

National Botanical Gardens of Wales.

Beautifully landscaped gardens covering 568 acres, including nature reserve as well as a formal garden, with Lord Foster’s Great Glasshouse as its centrepiece. www.gardenofwales.org.uk

South Wales Top Attractions

A new website offering a gateway to South Wales Top Tourist Attractions. http://southwalesattractions.co.uk

Gower Coast Adventures

With fascinating explorations of local history, marine wildlife and a wealth of local knowledge, you will be guided by qualified crew. Fascinating experiences – from prehistoric caves to smugglers’ coves.. http://www.gowercoastadventures.co.uk

Juicing Detoxes & Well-being Programs

Juicing Detoxes & Well-being Programs

 Our program can help on a number of levels:  both through nutrition, exercise, and mental/ emotional transformation.

The first step always involves a realisation that there is a need to detoxify – so if you feel you have reached this point, either scroll down and read further or feel free to give us a call and discuss your individual needs.

We offer smoothies, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices as well as a variety of superfoods which can all be incorporated into a daily program for detoxifying program.

Juicing Detoxes:

fresh juices

fresh juices

Juices Include: Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables we put together a mix that is both highly nutritious and tasty, blending a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Try a blend of juiced apple, carrot celery and ginger – to set your taste-buds aglow!  Or refreshing cucumber, apple, celery and carrot juice.

Fruit and superfood smoothies: A standard fruit smoothly would contain a selection of the following, . Organic banana, pineapple, apple, kiwi, blackcurrants, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, etc
Other ingredients can include: coconut milk,nuts, seeds, dried fruit, organic superfood greens – (containing: raw chiorella ,spirulina, barley-grass, wheat-grass, kelp,hemp Protein, beet root.)

The Benefits

The benefits of Fresh juices include:

  • Nutritional Absorbtion – increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals in an easily absorbable form
  • Detoxing:  – the juices, along with plenty of fresh water, will help to flush out any toxins or debris in your system – leaving your body rejuvenated and energised.
  • Alkalising:  juices and smoothies will alkalise your cells helping your body to renew and de-stress – freeing it from the acidifying foods and drinks that it might normally have to deal with.

Detoxing Foot Soak We also have a detox foot soak.which entails sitting with your feet in a bowl of Jurassic mud for around half an hour. The mud has a high content of minerals and also helps draw toxins out of your system (see leaflet on Jurassic Mud). It is advised that this is followed by at least twenty minutes of exercise helping the circulation.  The overall benefits can include: increased relaxation, ease of aches and pains, better sleep and improved skin condition.


Well-Being and Fitness Programs: 

Tai Chi and Qi Gong
Qi Gong exercises are an excellent way to help clean your system, helping blood circulation and lymph flow as well as keeping joints healthy and boosting your immune system. It is a non-strenuous form of exercise, helping to improve overall fitness  and no previous experience is required. Qi Gong moves come from similar origins to Tai chi and work to balance mind, body and spirit to bring about self-healing.  The Benefits can include: Improved circulation, better energy levels, increased mobility and relief of stress.   read more

Meditation and Relax Sessions
While your body is detoxifying, it is important to spend some time relaxing!
This allows your system to work efficiently to clean itself and renew. Beginning with a few simple exercise to help free things up and de-stress. Here is an opportunity to detox your mental and emotional self. You can follow a simple guided process to identify anything that you can let go of that is no longer needed, any stresses that
you are accidentally holding on to. This will lead to freedom and lightness as you create more space inside for new, positive experiences.


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